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After-School Clubs

Reach Youth Juggling Club after-school clubs offer a fun opportunity for kids and teens to connect, learn juggling, grow as a person, and develop life skills!


Registration is open to 2nd-12th graders.


REACH Youth Juggling Club partners with Jackrabbit for a secure and easy-to-use registration and payment portal.

School Year Fee: $130-140/month (September-May)

Drop-in Club Day: $35/day

*Visitors may try one school year club day for free!*


Club Descriptions
Fundamentals Club (2)

Fee: $130/month
No skill requirement to join!

Description: The Fundamentals Club is our entry-level juggling class designed for jugglers in elementary and middle school. There is no skill requirement for joining our Fundamentals Club. Many members will stay in the fundamentals club for multiple years before moving up to our Passing Club. Reach Youth Juggling Club offers two Fundamentals Clubs: Tuesday Fun. Club (4:00pm-6:00pm) and Thursday Fun. Club (4:00pm-6:00pm). *Note: Thursday Fun. Club will be meeting at the same time as our Passing Club, splitting the gym with a divider wall.

Tuesday Fun. Club

Tuesdays, 4:00pm-6:00pm
Coach: Eva Hadjiyanis
Fee: $130/month (September 1-May 1)

Thursday Fun. Club

Thursdays, 4:00pm-6:00pm
Coach: Christine Therens
Fee: $130/month (September 1-May 1)

Passing Club.jpg
Friday Open Juggling

Fee: $130/month
No skill requirement to join!

Friday Open Juggling is for beginner to advanced jugglers, grades 2-12. There is no skill requirement to join. The club runs from 4:00-6:00 weekly with Coach Shawn. Cost is $130/month, September 1 to May 1, discounted to $100/month for members of any other REACH Youth Juggling Club. Drop in as you wish and pay as you go, or register for monthly billing.

Passing Club

Fee: $130/month
Skill Requirement: 100 with 6 club passing

Passing Club comes with high expectations for team work, continued progress, and fun! Members will be paired up based on ability level to advance their skills with peers at their level while being coached on technique by world-class team juggler, Coach Jacob. *Note: Passing Club will be meeting at the same time as Thursday Fun. Club, splitting the gym with a divider wall. Passing Club members are eligible to perform gigs and attend festival outings with Reach Youth Juggling Club!

Competition Team
Reach Pro Team

Fee: $140/month
Permission Required to Join

Reach Pro Team is our highest level juggling group. It offers our high schoolers a chance to practice and perform with world class jugglers. Reach Professional Juggling Club is a seperate legal entity from Reach Youth Juggling Club and is therefore open to adults. Permission from Coach Jack is required to join. Unique opportunities: international competitions, juggling video project, festival outings, and more!

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